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Liposomal delivery is less expensive per absorbed milligram than pills or capsules of vitamin C. More than 40 studies show that 2-3 Gm of Vitamin C daily can lower cholesterol by 50% – 70%. Empirical Labs has mastered liposomal technology using natural Phosphatidylcholine liposomes as a delivery method for Vitamin C giving 360% more absorption. . We believe that each and every component of our products must be as health building as possible. Current literature has shown that hydrogenated liposomes strongly decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while natural non-hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine was shown not to alter cholesterol levels in primates. Our choice was easy. Empirical Labs is currently the only company to use all natural non-hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine for our delivery system with a claim put right on the label! Our liposomes: Empirical Labs also has higher concentrations of liposomes per dose. This illustrates the tight manufacturing control and stability of the Empirical Labs liposomes. All Empirical Labs Liposomal products adhere to this strict size distribution to ensure vitamin C encapsulation for optimal performance. These size distribution charts are yet another example of how not all liposomal products are the same. All natural ingredients Uniform liposomes at 150 nm particle size 1000 mg Vitamin C per dose 400 mg all natural phosphatidylcholine per dose (not hydroxylated, hydrogenated, nor “essential” phospholipids) 30 doses per bottle Scientifically studied structure Scientifically studied liposomal delivery method Our product has only what you need: Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate) which is nutrition Natural phosphatidylcholine (delivery method and nutrition) Purified water Natural flavors and a preservative Our Liposome’s structure: We take great care to process our liposomes properly in order to generate properly structured spherical liposomes in our product. If the structure is not there, they are not liposomes.


  • Perfected Liposomal Delivery. Non Soy Non GMO Non Hydrogenated
  • Uniform liposomes at 150 nm particle size (no malformation)
  • Highest Available Absorption of Vitamin C 1000mg Per Dose
  • Used and Recommended by Doctors All Over The U.S.
  • Check Photos Top Left To See Our Liposome Structures. Compare With Others


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