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longer lasting vitamin c, released over 6 hrs ,with 50mg bioflavonoids and 50mg rosehips ,unbelievable value, our top seller at just 7p/day ,easy to swallow, taste-free coated tablets vitamin c is best taken in small amounts throughout the day and night because it is rapidly lost from the body. however, this is not always convenient which is why we have formulated time release vitamin c tablets. these are produced by a special process that retains the vitamin in micro-pellets allowing it to be released slowly after the tablet has been swallowed. this means that the absorption of vitamin c is a continuous process as the release from the tablet takes place over 6-8 hours, thus allowing the absorption of vitamin c into the blood stream to occur gradually. vitamin c is needed in the diet everyday and can be found in food sources such as broccoli, sweet potatoes and kiwi fruits. vitamin c is easily destroyed during storage or through cooking heat, so fresh is best! vitamin c contributes to natural collagen formation, an essential protein for the normal function of blood vessels, skin, bones, gums and teeth. it is also fundamental to cartilage formation and to the normal function of the immune system. a potent antioxidant, vitamin c also helps to protect cells against oxidative damage from free radicals, destructive chemicals that accelerate the ageing process. there is no end to the value of this virtuous vitamin! in addition, vitamin c supports the absorption of iron, a nutrient many diets can be low in, particularly those with vegetarian and vegan diets. this powerful nutrient is also essential in supporting energy levels and psychological functions.this is a high strength product suitable for all adults, including the elderly, those convalescing and anyone who has irregular eating habits.


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