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What is L-ArgininenbspL-Arginine is an amino acid one of 21 in fact that are found naturally in the human body Amino acids are critical to life and have many functions in metabolism One particularly important function is to serve as the building blocks of proteins They are also a source of energy much like fats and carbohydratesWhat does L-Arginine doArginine is a precursor to nitric oxide which is used by the body to help relax blood vessels which in turn helps maintain healthy blood flow around the body Arginine has become a very popular supplement for sports people body builders and people following a healthy workout plansnbspthat are designed to turn fat into muscleDue to its role in maintaining and supporting healthy blood flow l-arginine supplements have also become popular with older adults who wish to enjoy being sexually activeHigh strength L-ArgininenbspHCl withnbsp1000mgnbspin each capsuleJust Vitamins L-ArgininenbspHCl high strength capsules provide 1000mg in each fully vegetarian capsule


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