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vitamin c in a tummy friendly form, ideal for those with delicate digestions,neutralised with calcium to provide a soothing, non-acidic form,small taste-free tabletsfor some people, when they take vitamin c in its pure basic form of ascorbic acid it may cause some gastric upset due to its acidic nature. to overcome this, the vitamin c in this product is neutralised with calcium to produce a compound called an ascorbate which in a non-acidic compound of vitamin c. these tablets are therefore gentle on the stomach and ideal for those with delicate digestions, or for anyone taking large amounts of vitamin c.although the product is called ‘gentle’ it nevertheless provides a high strength dose of vitamin c, and if you choose this product you can be certain you are getting the same effective level of vitamin c as you would from our other vitamin c 500mg tablets.vitamin c is an essential nutrient that contributes to a number of important processes including the immune system, formation of collagen and cartilage and the normal function of the nervous system.


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