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advanced time release tablets for longer lasting vitamin c ,small easy to swallow, taste-free tablets, with rosehips and bioflavanoids for added vitamin c support , fantastic value, from just 4p/daythis is one of our most popular vitamin c products, with each tablet providing a hefty dose of this versatile vitamin. most mammals can produce their own vitamin c but for us humans it is what is termed an essential nutrient which means we must rely on our diets to obtain it. and since the body does not store vitamin c for long we really need a good supply of it every day, particularly since it plays such an important role in the normal functioning of the immune system. it also plays an important role in protecting our cells from oxidative damage by unstable chemicals called free radicals.once swallowed these tablets are designed to release the vitamin c gradually over a period of 6 hours and by doing this the level of vitamin c in the blood can be maintained at a higher level for longer.


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Natures Best


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