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High Strength Timed Release Vitamin C tablet providing 1000mg of Vitamin C in a low-acid form alongside Rosehip Citrus Bioflavonoids and AcerolaVitamin C also known as ascorbic acid nbspis a water-soluble vitamin which means you need it in your diet every day because it cant be stored in the body It is found in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables – good sources include peppers broccoli Brussels sprouts sweet potatoes oranges and kiwi fruit Please note that it isnbspeasily destroyed in the storage and cooking of foodsEssential immune supportVitamin C is essential to the smooth running of many bodily functions and has a long list of health benefits including maintaining a healthy immune system combating tiredness and fatigue helping to counteract cell damage aiding in the production of collagen to keep skin bones and joints in good condition it is also boosts the absorption of iron a nutrient that many of us are deficient inWeve added RosehipRose hips contain high amounts of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid but they are also a source of fatty acids carotenoids and polyphenols All of these have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory propertiesnbspAnd citrus bioflavonoidsVitamin C is a powerful antioxidant therefore it works to protect the body from cell damage caused by environmental factors which play a role in developing illness and aging prematurely Citrus bioflavonoids work with vitamin C to fight free radical damage thereby enhancing its antioxidant prowessAnd AcerolaAcerola is most well-known for being extremely rich in vitamin C as well as being used for its antioxidant properties Together with vitamin C its an immune boosting powerhouseJust VitaminsnbspTimed Release formula provides 1000mg of Vitamin C which is slowly released into the body over the course of the day for maximum absorption and effect


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