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Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral with antioxidant properties and used by the body to create antioxidant enzymes Antioxidants can help protect the body from free radicals which are thought to cause damage to body cells as we get older Our Selenium ACE tablets arenbsppremium supplementnbspwhich can help to protectnbspcells against harmful oxidative stressHelps Improve Healthy Hair Skin amp NailsTo enhance the benefits of our Selenium supplement we have addednbspantioxidants Vitamins A C and E to our easy to swallow coated tabletnbspA a source of these vitamins they help to maintain healthy hair skin nails teeth and bonesSupports and strengthens your immune systemAs well as helping to maintain healthy hair skin and nails Vitamins A C and E also contribute to boosting our immune system and nervous systems nbspAt times of stress these vitamins are shown to contribute to the normal function of our immune systems80 of the UK shown to consume less than recommendedSelenium is found in the foods that we eat however modern day processing and refining results in much of the mineral being removed nbspAs a result 80 of UK adults are currently believed to consume less than the recommended nutrient intake level


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