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high strength, one-a-day tablets.,taste-free coated tablets,a highly absorbed form,convenient, easy to swallow tabletsnature’s best® provides 200μg in each one-a-day tablet. we use a combination of two well researched forms of selenium; selenomethionine and selenite. you’ll find that all nature’s best® high potency multi’s such as multi-max® advance contain a relevant level of selenium whereas the typical high street a-z multi often contains very little of this important nutrient, (but just enough to get them on the label!).selenium is an essential nutrient used by the body to make antioxidant enzymes whose role is to neutralise ,-ëœfree radicals’, the unstable chemicals which, in excess, can damage cells. it’s no wonder that selenium is now one of the top selling supplements in the uk. selenium contributes to the:normal function of the immune systemnormal thyroid functionthe maintenance of normal hair and nailsnormal spermatogenesisdietary intakes of selenium have fallen in recent years and official figures show that selenium intake for 8 of 10 adults in the uk is now below the nutrient reference value (nrv) level. this is because the selenium content of foods has become depleted by processing and refining which removes much of this essential mineral from our daily diet.


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