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High protein brownie mix. Scitec Nutrition is really pushing the boundaries of creating products which resemble the real thing.

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Products like Protein Ice Cream and Protein Pudding have definitely set the bar in terms of flavour, consistency and nutritional value giving the customers a wider range of guilt-free high protein snacks to aid them in achieving their fitness goals. You’d think that the brand would have ran out of ideas by now, but you are wrong. High protein chocolate brownie mix Scitec have now created Protein Brownie which is exactly as the name suggests. It’s a high protein low sugar brownie mix for those who have a super sweet tooth and regularly crave brownies. Looking at the nutritional profile this product doesn’t look too bad! Each serving provides a decent 27 grams of protein from whey protein concentrate and made from low GI and slow digesting carbohydrate sources such as oat flour providing a sustained release of energy throughout the day. A setback which might put off a few customers is the fat content. Each serving provides 29 grams of total fat, 21 of which is saturated, isn’t exactly on the healthy side however, to resemble the real chocolate brownies the brand would have to compromise which in this matter is the fat. All in all, Protein Brownie is a definitely 10/10 for us here in Predator mostly for the taste and texture of the product but also for the decent nutritional value which will not jeopardise your fitness goals. | Scitec Nutrition Protein Brownie Mix | 750g | Chocolate | Protein Desserts & Cooking Mixes | Great Tasting & Low In Sugar


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