Reflex Nutrition Diet Protein

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Reflex Nutrition Diet Protein is a high quality supplement formulated for anyone looking for something to aid them in a weight management plan. Protein is key to the growth and development of muscle tissue and the Reflex Nutrition Diet Protein shake delivers an impressive 36g Protein per serving, combining Whey Protein and Micellar Casein. Reflex Nutrition Diet Protein is a protein blend making it drip feed your body through the day of sustain release of nutrients, protein and amino acids. Dieting down requires amino acids as your body will break down muscle for energy if you’re not intake many fats or carbohydrates. Amino acids prevent this from happening and help with recovery due to protein synthesis. Reflex Nutrition Diet Protein provides you with a balance of high quality protein and is also low in Carbohydrates and low in Fat.


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