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Highly rated, high quality clean protein cookie. Los Angeles, California based Quest Nutrition set the world ablaze a few years ago with the introduction of their utterly dominant protein bar, the original Quest Bar. No other product before or since has sold so much, so quickly as the Quest Bar did in its heyday thanks to its revolutionary formula which mean that for the first time a single bar combined both taste and high quality ingredients in one awesome package. Since that time, Quest has tailed off somewhat but with the ever-innovative brand we can always expect something new and their protein cookie, recently released was one we definitely wanted to try to see if it could do for protein cookies what the Quest Bar did for protein bars. A Cookie That’s Been Years in Development After Quest Nutrition changed the formula of the Quest Bar, leading to a lot of negative feedback from the brand’s fans, Quest decided to setup their own insider testing program whereby all potential new products would first need to be tested extensively by Quest’s most ardent fans and only after consistently great feedback would such products eventually be released to the wider public. Codenamed Quest Labs, the new Quest Protein Cookie was first launched in 2016 to this insider program and after over 12 months being finetuned is now finally being released starting with four flavours. With the original beta version being warmly received the question on our lips was whether the final version could deliver in a crowded protein cookie market. Quest Cookie Nutrition Profile Review Each of the Quest Cookies proudly declares that it contains 15g of protein per cookie and 250 calories with fats and carb content fluctuating slightly based on the flavour but averaging around 17g and 19g respectively. While these numbers do not strike you as being that impressive a closer look reveals that with the protein all being derived from high quality whey isolate and milk isolate, and with just less than a gram of sugar per cookie, this is a cookie that punches far above the numbers on the label. When you compare these to other popular protein cookies, there is little doubt that from an ingredient quality perspective, Quest have once again produced a protein product with a superior set of ingredients which provide greater bioavailable protein and less junk sugar in each product compared to the competition which tends to make liberal use of relatively sub-standard protein sources such as soy protein. Do Quest Protein Cookies Taste Good? Without a doubt, this is where the brand has taken some shots on social media in recent years with many saying Quest puts nutritional excellence above taste and texture. With the Quest Cookie, we think Quest have produced a cookie which is on par with the best selling protein cookie in the world, the Lenny and Larry produced Complete Cookie. Of the different flavours, we think that the chocolate and peanut butter based ones tasted the best, and while they were chewier than a regular cookie, what protein cookie isn’t going to be? Moreover, with Quest comfortably beating the likes of Complete Cookies on nutritional content as well as being at least as good on the flavour front, this is a product that is likely to appeal to those wanting a healthy protein cookie above all else. Sure, there are cookies out there which will taste better than the Quest Cookie but these tend to be glorified concoctions of sugar and fat with protein added to them rather than something designed with the athlete in mind. Quite simply, Quest Cookies are up there with the very best in the game and are arguably the best of all when looking at the overall package of macros and taste. | Quest Nutrition Quest Cookies | 12 Cookies | Double Chocolate Chip | High Protein | Whey Isolate & Whey Hydrolysate | High Quality Ingredients Like


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