PhD Nutrition Pro Oat Cookie

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PhD Nutrition Pro Oat Cookie is a great tasting protein cookie. Providing a convenient way to add extra protein to your diet, ideal for those with an active lifestyle. Protein is key in healthy muscle build and the PhD Pro Oat Cookie uses a specifically designed formula. Delivering 32g quality protein and 25g complex carbohydrates per serving. PhD Nutrition Oat Cookie is made with of 11% oats and include essential BCAA’s, vital in maintaining and building healthy lean muscle. These cookies provide a great alternative to protein shakes. PhD Nutrition Pro Oat Cookie provides you with a tasty protein snack, any time of day. Suitable for exercisers looking for a protein boost and dieters seeking a healthy and nutritious snack. These cookies also help you keep fuller for longer, preventing you from feeling hungry and eating junk food. It contains 25g of carbohydrates, so they are great as a post workout snack. It also comes in some delicious flavours!


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