Labrada Lean Body Whole Food

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Labrada Lean Body Whole Food is a delicious breakfast meal replacement shake. Ideal for those looking for a balanced and nutritious breakfast alternative. Lean Body @ Breakfast is a convenient whole-food breakfast shake – The perfect way to kick start your day!Each Lean Body Breakfast serving contains more nutrition than 10 egg whites or a bowl of oatmeal alone, along with a range of essential Vitamins & Minerals. Labrada Lean Body Whole Food shake delivers a special blend of essential Protein and complex Carbohydrates. Featuring a combination of fast-release and slow-release Proteins, to provide a sustained flow of vital Amino Acids.The Labrada Lean Body Breakfast shake provides 40g Proteins and 35g Carbohydrates, to nourish lean muscle tissue and stimulate growth. Alongside 9000mg BCCAs to help rebuild muscle and improve strength.Labrada Lean Body Whole Food is a fantastic breakfast meal replacement drink – Just mix with milk or water,Buy Labrada Breakfast Supplements from


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