Kodiak Cakes – Kodiak Power Cakes – pancake and flapjack mixes


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These pre-made baking pancake and flapjack mixes are exceptionally easy to use (take our word for it). One serving depending on your chosen box, can make 3-4 fluffy panckes, 3 waffles or a batch of flapjacks. Kodiak have made these mixes without using artificial preservatives or ingredients and even better, they are non-GMO! Making them not only tasty and delicious but extra healthy too! This stuff is the perfect solution for a high-protein, guilt free and moreish breakfast option. No more cluttering the kitchen up with pots, pans and weighing scales! Follow the very simple instructions printed on each box to discover what you can make. Check out the Kodiak site as they have printed lots of unique recipes that you can use with your new baking mixes. | Kodiak Cakes Kodiak Power Cakes | Chocolate Chip | Pre-Mixed Baking Mixes | Protein Desserts & Cooking Mixes | Easy To Make Baking Mix


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Kodiak Cakes


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