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You might have noticed that we’ve been making some changes. But like all good things, these changes can take a little time. So if your delivery isn’t wearing one of our new outfits, then don’t worry. Your label might look a little different, but the ingredients inside are exactly the same. What Is myvitamins Joint Effort? myvitamins Joint Effort is an expertly-developed blend of vitamins and minerals designed to support the health of your bones and joints.1 It contains popular ingredients MSM, turmeric extract, ginger, flaxseed oil, and rosehip extract. Added vitamin C to support the function of our cartilage.1 Why Use A Supplement For Bones And Joints? Over time naturally occurring collagen production slows down, this can make our joint cartilage thinner and more prone to damage. With a unique formulation of vitamins and minerals, our Joint Effort tablets contain vitamin C to support collagen formation.1 What Works Well With Joint Effort? Joint Effort can help to support our natural collagen levels in our bones and cartilage that naturally decline as we age.1 Try adding antioxidants, like Vitamin A or Vitamin E, to your routine to fight the effect of free-radicals.2 References 1. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage 2. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress






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