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Sets a new level of innovation in fat burners. Hydralean brings a new level of innovation to help dieters get into the best shape of their lives. Unlike many fat burners, Hydralean takes a comprehensive approach which targets multiple fat burning pathways including thermogenics, metabolic amplifiers, exercise mimetics, thyroid mimetics, anti-catabolics to prevent muscle breakdown, and a potent cortisol modulator. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to unlock an unprecedented degree of fat burning performance which takes care to ensure that all potential blockers to fat loss are targeted while ensuring that your hard won is protected. The Fat Loss Problem Solved Most fat burners work via one or two pathways typically. For example, a stimulant will target catecholamine output which both increases energy expenditure and helps to suppress appetite. While this is a necessary condition to achieving rapid fat loss it does not address other issues which cause diets to fail such as: – Supressed hormone output when dieting for a long period of time – Reduced thyroid output which occurs when dieting – Increased cortisol production when dieting which causes muscle loss – A decreased propensity to burn fat as your body gets leaner This is where Hydralean steps in and solves the puzzle. Covering all Angles Hydralean could have been produced by throwing together a few high potency stimulants that the user feels immediately that always seem to help drive sales in the fat burner segment. However, as explained, this fails to address other key aspects of making a diet succesful. Hydralean is the first, and only, complete fat-burning formula. It contains dihydromyricetin, which stimulates white adipose tissue browning and potently induces the secretion of the powerful fat-loss hormone irisin. Hydralean also contains eria jarensis, kigela africana, and sinomenine – a trifecta of adrenergic agonists which reduce appetite, improve focus, and provide a stimulant effect. 7-OXO-DHEA provides much-needed modulation of the catabolic hormone cortisol, and maslinic acid offers direct anti-catabolic support, to ensure that your body preferentially burns fat as fuel – so that it doesn’t waste your hard-earned muscle. Rounding out the formula is stearoyl vanillylamide; a potent capsaicin analog that is associated with all of the beneficial effects of capsaicin, but isn’t associated with the discomfort it so often produces. Dieting is difficult. Fat loss is never easy. Make it as quick and as effortless as possible with the most advanced fat-burner on the market: Hydralean. Nothing else attacks adipose tissue from so many different, and complimentary, angles. Nothing else is as powerful. You’ll feel its effects immediately, and you won’t want to diet again without it. Ingredient Overview Dihydromyricetin – As an AMPK agonist, Dihydromyricetin lets you handle carbs more efficiently while increasing lipolysis. Furthermore, it also acts as both an anti-catabolic and glucose disposal agent to amplify its fat burning potential. Maslinic Acid – Maslinic acid is a triterpene, like ursolic acid, which has a number of interesting properties. It has been shown to reduce fat mass in humans, relieve joint pain and inflammation, and, again like ursolic acid, exhibits anabolic properties. Caffeine – A potent thermogenic which has dozens of studies supporting its efficacy as a fat burner. Eria Jarensis – A powerful stimulant that boosts mood and focus. Kigelia Africana – Crush appetite and boost lipolysis via enhanced catecholamine output. Sinomenine – A potent, natural beta-2 agonist with anti-inflammatory properties as well. 7-OXO – Powerful cortisol modulator which targets stubborn bodyfat. Stearoyl Vanillylamide – An analogue of capsaicin which exhibits thermogenic activity while also being shown to have endurance boosting properties. Hydralean represents the pinnacle in efficacy for a fat burner. The journey to a leaner body starts now. | Hydrapharm Hydralean Fat Burner | 90 Capsules | Appetite Suppression | Fat Burners | Truly Innovative Fat Burner


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