Dymatize Elite Protein Bars | 15 Bars | Coffee Chocolate | 25g Protein | Recovery Aid | Premium Protein Bar For Athletes & Bodybuilders


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Higher protein content for better recovery. Dymatize is a brand who have recently rebranded their lineup and they have taken the opportunity to relaunch a protein bar with the introduction of the Protein Bar. Following the low sugar d established in recent years by bars such as Quest and Combat Crunch, Protein Bars top both of those and just about every other low carb bar by delivering anywhere between 25 and 28 grams of protein per bar. High Quality Protein for Sustained Recovery Protein Bars don’t just include a high amount of protein, they use a high quality blend of whey protein and milk protein as the dominant protein in their new bar. The use of whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate is ideal for delivering protein to your muscles more quickly while the slower acting casein protein is good for keeping you full for longer and sustaining amino acid levels to promote recovery over an extended period. Each bar also contains 4g of BCAA’s, the amino acid group most responsible for enabling you to build muscle or repair muscle broken down during exercise. This is higher that other bars we have seen making Protein Bars a great choice for anyone concerned first and foremost about building muscle or recovering from workouts more quickly. Protein Bars and Health While Protein Bars definitely deliver in the protein stakes their combination of being gluten free and containing 0g of trans fats makes them suitable for those who cannot consume wheat based products as well as those wanting to avoid unhealthy fats. Each bar contains a sizeable amount of fibre as well which is good for both keeping you full and also promoting healthy digestion. While bars of the past were notorious for causing you to become constipated or else the opposite, the amount of fibre in these is pretty much optimal and in line with what dieticians would advise for someone to have in a meal. Ok, but how do They Taste? While a bar’s capacity for boosting fitness and health is a concern for many, for most people today the most important element in their choice of a protein bar is the taste. In this respect Protein Bars make for an enjoyable treat and with their range of five flavours including such unique options as Vanilla Cupcake, and Coconut Creme there is something for everyone. With that said, do these bars offer anything different? On balance, we would have to say no. The taste and the texture of these is going to be familiar to anyone who has eaten bars such as Quest, Mission 1, and Fitjoy. That does not make these worse than those but neither are they bars which we believe taste unarguably better. Dymatize have produced a bar which follows the d established by Quest and which taste good but they are not going to blow your mind in the way as some of the flavours in Combat Crunch, Carb Killa or One Bars do. With that said, Protein Bars contain more protein including whey hydrolysate which no bar we have eaten before has done and to cap it off, they deliver more BCAA’s and calories which means that if you are looking for a bar to keep you full and help you on a mass cycle while retaining healthy properties, these bars rise to the top of the list. | Dymatize Elite Protein Bars | 15 Bars | Coffee Chocolate | 25g Protein | Recovery Aid | Premium Protein Bar For Athletes & Bodybuilders


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