Battle Snacks Protein Flapjack

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Battle Snacks Protein Flapjack are a brand new protein bar on the market, hand made and oven baked in the UK in small batches ensuring freshness and quality. These bars gluten free protein bars made with English Oats, Butter, Coconut Oil, Protein Isolate and 100% natural ingredients. Also, it doesn’t contain palm oil. These are a great guilt free snack for when you’re out and about and can’t get the nutrition you need from a whole meal. Additionally, these flapjacks can also be used as a post workout snack due to it being made of whey protein isolate, the more quicker absorbing protein. Battle Snacks Protein Flapjack are made with very high protein, making the bar 22% protein and 8-9g of fibre for good digestion.


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