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pure, clinical grade l-arginine ,free-form, body-ready and highly absorbable amino acid,a popular choice for athletes and active individuals a popular choice for women over 50 choosing fish oils to support heart health, athletes, bodybuilders and active individuals, l-arginine helps produce nitric oxide (no), a substance known to relax blood vessels, making it an important determinant of cardiovascular performance. derived from the protein fraction of peas (one of the richest natural sources), our high-strength formula contains pure, clinical nutrition grade l-arginine, providing 1.6g per serving. we’ve also supplied our product in a highly absorbable, body-ready form, so it doesn’t need to be broken down by digestive enzymes. we’ve chosen to encapsulate our high-strength l-arginine in easy-to-swallow tablets instead of capsules, as this casing can deliver highly concentrated amounts of quality amino acid. as with all our products, we manufacture and package our formula in uk factories working to good manufacturing practice (gmp) to ensure our strict quality standards are always met. our arginine tablets are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. unsure if this formula is for you? don’t worry. our team of |expert nutrition advisors//aadvice//class=f-brand !important| are here to help.


Nature's Best


Nature's Best


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